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Where is Bass Lake?
The Lake is located just East of Oakhurst off of HWY 41. From Oakhust it is 8 miles or about 15 min drive. Map and Directions.

How far to Yosemite?
It is about a 15 minute drive to the Southern Gate on Highway 41.Then to the valley floor about an hour but you will want to stop on the way as there is much to see.

What is the weather like?
Exact temperatures for any prior period are available in the archive.
Spring - March, April, May, you can expect some rain and thunder storms in early spring. Highs in the high 60s and low 70s. Over night the temps drop into the 40s and 50s. The water temperature starts to warm up so by May it is around 70.

Summer - June, July, August, provide hot days with evening relief. Highs average around 102 during the day but usually do not last very long, the most intense time is usually 12-2. As the sun sets it brings a much welcomed relief with mid 70s-80s. Overnight lows are in the high 60s to low 70s. We do get some fairly warm days nearing 110 but this is rare and does not last very long Water temperature is mid 70s to 80 in August.

Fall/Autumn - September and October transition into winter. Early September can be great like summer or usher in cooler days and evenings. The lake water will still be warm. By October expect the highs to be in the mid to upper 70s with nightly lows in the 60s. Rain may visit in October.

Winter - November, December, January, February, you will know it is winter as rain is likely and the highs may not reach above the mid 60s. Expect periods of colder temperature not reaching above the mid 40s. We see some snow every year. Usually it sticks for a few days. Nights will hover around freezing. Average rainfall is about 30 inches a year. Usually the snow is solid at about 4,000 ft. We are at 3376ft

Where can I camp?
Camping is located on the South side of the lake in designated campsites. Reservations and campsite information

Is there day use camping?
Yes, there are several day use area on the perimeter of the lake. Reservations and campsite information

Where can I swim?
There are designated swimming areas at the falls beach and recreation point. Swim at your own risk around the perimeter of the lake between the shore and the orange 5 MPH buoys. There is no swimming in the PWC areas.

2-Stroke engines?
There is no restrictions on 2-stroke engines.

Where can I park my boat on the water overnight?
There are several places to rent slips, first come first serve. See camping page.

Where can I find vacation rentals?
Many home owners rent their homes during the summer. There are local hotels, chalets, bed and breakfast facilities. Vacation rentals

What is happening in Bass Lake?
Check out the calendar and area attractions.

Can I rent boats and jet skis?
There are several rental facilities.

What are the boating rules?
Boats and jet skies are allowed. There are restrictions. Madera County Sheriff patrols the lake.

It is illegal to have a fire on the beach. All fires must be contained. The USFS has additional seasonal rules on fires which may include a permit.We are in a high fire danger area, don't be the one that burned down our community.

What is the fishing like?
We have a variety of fish both natural and stocked. Check out the fishing page.

How full is the lake during the summer?
Typically the lake is full or within a couple of feet of full from Memorial Day through Labor Day. We keep a detailed log of the lake level here.

Where are the cameras?
Check out the camera page

Can I bring my dog?
Like most counties, dogs are allowed but they must be leashed in public areas. If you rent a vacation home, pets are rarely allowed. There are additional risks to you and your dog. Poison oak is abundant. If your dog comes in contact with it, it will transfer to you. The forest is not pet friendly. Lost pets are rarely found. Do yourself a favor, leave rover at home.

Are there Bears?
It is rare to see a Bear but they are around. Do the usual things like not leaving food in cars etc. We do see Deer regularly and they present a real hazard to drivers. Deer are most active in the early morning and sunset.

They are all over the mountain area and will ruin your day if you hit one with your car. If you see one there are usually more.

All hunting laws apply. Be safe out there.