Local Lightning
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This is a Looped image when lightning is present- Playback is 30 or 60 seconds long for 30 or 60 minutes of history

Legend: +CG = Positive Cloud to Ground, -CG = Negative Cloud to Ground
+IC = Positive Intracloud, -IC = Negative Intracloud

How the sensor works
Lightning emits a radio signal which we can hear on a AM radio. The sensor is a directional radio receiver. Software analyzes the signal to determine the type of lightning, distance and direction. This is far from perfect as many factors play a role in limiting the accuracy. The range of the sensor is at best about 300 miles but in our case will be limited by the mountain surrounding Bass Lake. For example, low level lightning in the Owens Valley may be blocked by the high Sierra Mountains.

Not to be used for protection of life and property