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Thanks for having such a great web site for Bass Lake. I have checked it regularly for the last few years to check on conditions at the lake. Your web site creates a connection for me to the lake through the rest of the year. I like to check on the lake level, snow pack, and the weather forecast -- All of it indicating that this is going to be another stellar summer at Bass Lake. I have such fond memories of the many summers at Bass Lake. My father first visited Bass lake on his way back from a fishing trip to Yosemite with some buddies in the mid 50's. He stopped there for lunch and decided the lake was so beautiful that he would come back with the family that summer. The annual tradition was well established by the time I came along in the early 60's. I have such great memories of summers at Bass Lake; the rope swing at Wishon Cove, sliding down the falls and hiking up-stream, "exploring" the lake, burgers at The Forks, malts at Millers Landing, The soda fountain and movie theater at The Pines, camping at the Forks or Denver Church or staying in cabins at the Forks, quiet fishing time early in the morning and learning to water ski on the lake. There is something magical about Bass Lake that has drawn me back year after year. I now bring my family each summer. My son has learned to water ski (and wakeboard) on Bass Lake and has many fond memories of his own. We live in San Diego, so it is about a 7 hour drive each way, but worth every minute of it (even while trailering a boat). Bruce Smith 3-3-09

My name is Eva Taylor. Bass Lake is my family's favorite vacation destination. We visit at least once, sometimes twice a year. We've been there in the winter when it has snowed as well as visited in the summer, enjoying beautiful weather while boating on the lake. We cannot say enough nice things about the people in the community and all of the staff. We will be visiting on the weekend of February 20th 2009, and are hoping for snow! As of today, Feb. 14th - chances look pretty good!! Thank you for allowing me to post a comment...Looking forward to spending the weekend at Bass Lake next week! Eva Taylor & Darlene Stamps. 2-14-09

Hi, Thanks for setting up this site. I just found it. I came to Bass Lake in the winter of 1946. I was 6 years old. My parents were the managers of The Forks Resort on the West side. Their names were Les and Alta Mathes. I lived there until 1960 when I went into the Air Force. During those 19 years I hunted and fished all over the area. It was a great place to grow up. I could tell you stories and maybe write a book on all my experiences there, like when I looked out my bedroom window, which was next to the store and saw it was on fire. I yelled to my parents and I don't think they believed me until they saw it too. The whole resort was burnt to the ground. That was in the late 40's. My dad rebuilt the store. I have been back several times thoughout the years and don't like too many of the changes, but I still call the area, "God's Country." I now live on the coast of Oregon. You are welcome to email me if you want to hear more. Larry Campbell (Mathes) 2-19-09

This is my second post - the first was 8/2005. Two months after that date, on Oct. 2005, I was diagnosed with cancer. I spent the next couple years recuperating from surgery and chemo, and had no energy to continue my Bass Lake tradition. Now, more than 3 years later, I am happy to say that I am a survivor, and even happier to say that I spent another week during August 2008 at the Happiest Place on Earth.........BASS LAKE! This year, for the first time, my 2 kids, 5 grandchildren and great grandaughter will spend a week during July 2009. As if it weren't great enough, now there is movie night out on the lawn by Duceys, Fireworks EVERY Friday night, jazz on the lake every Friday night, and a farmers market. Last year we saw a whole family of raccoons (5) and even greater than that the bald eagle and its' nest! And to all of you who think Bass lake is YOUR lake....make no is MY LAKE for the past 45 years - since I first went to Camp Santa Teresita at the young age of 12. For the past 20 years I graduated to renting homes, but, it's still camping to me. Best memories, good times, relaxation, and the hope against hope that I too can retire there. Happy trails to all my fellow Bass Lake fan club members~ Kathi Morris 2/19/2009.

My name is Eva Taylor. Bass Lake is my family's favorite vacation destination. We visit at least once, sometimes twice a year. We've been there in the winter when it has snowed as well as visited in the summer, enjoying beautiful weather while boating on the lake. We cannot say enough nice things about the people in the community and all of the staff. We will be visiting on the weekend of February 20th 2009, and are hoping for snow! As of today, Feb. 14th - chances look pretty good!! Thank you for allowing me to post a comment...Looking forward to spending the weekend @ Bass Lake next week! Eva Taylor & Darlene Stamps. 2-14-09

My father grew up in Bass Lake and his sister still lives and resides in the cabin my grandfather built. We spent a lot of family vacations there and they are times I shall never forget. My grand parents are gone now and my father has since passed, so I don't get to venture out that way much. They say you can never go back in time however, in the last few times I visited, I truly felt it to be home. I miss it very much. Susie Couch, grand daughter of Verbal and Vera Couch 2-6-09

Growing up at Bass Lake is amazing. You get to see how much the town changes throughout the years and how many people come visit to camp and have a good time. Year by year we see more people visiting. My family and I, along with our huge group of family and friends, would come every summer and sometimes twice a year. I was twelve weeks old when I was introduced to Bass Lake and can't think of anywhere better to go camp and have a great time. So many memories of the morning Wake-run (wakeboarding) at 8 am, deer walking to the lake for a drink, Smell of the sequoias and pine trees around you, the peacock just wondering around the side of the road as cars pass and the best part is the story of elmer being repeated at the campfire and then screaming elmer as we walk to millers for ice cream and food. Angi Pettis, West Hills, Ca 11-25-08

I am 10 years old and live in Coarsegold California which is pretty close to Bass Lake. My family and I go to Bass Lake every summer because I have a picture of me at the lake when I was little and remember going there since then. We used to camp but the last 2 years we rented a cabin from Dick and Betty Swartz--and boy do we love that!!! There is a dock that is just a short walk away and we can go there whenever we want and hangout, swim, have fun and boat. We are looking forward to going back there again next year. Tony Tucker 10-20-08

Hi All, My name is Rene Silva from Sylmar, CA I am representing the Silva, Romero, Victor and Inez Families. We have been going to Bass Lake for 3-4 years on Vacation. Boy do we love it. The entire family looks forward to going every year especially the kids. The lake is great along with all the people and the scenery as seen on the website, it is beautiful. For the first time and maybe the only time we saw an American Bald Eagle on the trees in Bass Lake. Thats something not everyone will get to see in a life time. Well Base Lake we will see you in a year for some more fun on the lake and of course ALL the GREAT FOOD! Silva, Romero, Victor and Inez Families.Rene Silva 8-25-08

Bass Lake is a family tradition. My family started going to Bass Lake with Boy Scout Troop 457 out of South Gate, California in the 60's. My dad was the troop leader. My two older brothers Paul and Alan and I were all in the Boy Scouts. My mom, little sister Karen and younger brother Mark also went along. This was their yearly vacation, though I'm sure it was more of a working vacation for my mom. We camped there every year for years. I remember watching the planes take off and land at the Wishon Airport that was at the end of the lake where we camped. "Don't ever go over there," we were told over and over. Yeah right, you might as well have given us a ride over there. We were always over there! That airstrip is now long gone. As we got older and were out of scouting, my younger brother Mark was now fulfilling his scouting duties and our dad was still troop leader. Paul, Alan and I were still going along but brought our girlfriends with us. The girls would room together in one tent, the boys in another. Well, over 40 years later, we are still going. These same girls are now our wives. Sue and I have been bringing our children, Jeff and Josh since they were babies. We have only missed a couple of years since we started going. We no longer camp, there are many beautiful homes for rent on the lake. We prefer that over camping. We rent party boats, jet skis and ski boats from Bass Lake Water Sports and Marina, special thanks to Tom for a spectacular view from his dock every morning as my brothers and I enjoy the sun coming up with our morning coffee as Tom and his crack staff prepare for the day ahead, Tom has become a good friend. Our oldest son Jeff and his wife Marianne are both school teachers and live in Texas. They try to make the trip an often as they can but living in Houston, it can be quite a drive. Josh still comes every year and now brings his girlfriend along. I have a number of photo galleries from Bass Lake including one of the Bass Lake eagle and would love to have you view them. Go to Gary Hattrup La Mirada, California 8-23-08

It has been a few years since I was there, around 2005. Had a great time, really can't wait to return. I loved BBQ on the lake!!! Thinking about going back by Sept.8-18-08

I use to spend my summers at Bass Lake starting at 2 years old(1966). My son is at Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp right now. It is amazing how many memories are brought back to me. Does anyone remember the big slide at The Pines? You would have to walk up a big flight of stairs and slide down on burlap sacks. I also remember the bakery by the grocery store and they had great cookies. Our cabin was close to the old Ducey's and we use to get great candy there. Bazooka bubble gum has always reminded me of Bass Lake. We use to use it to plug holes in our boat and we would get it from The Forks Restaurant. It has been 25 years since I have been to Bass Lake and I look forward to going next Friday. Anyone remember the rope swing in Willow Cove? Susan Beall Newport Beach, CA 8-10-08

Hello my name is Steven Black, last year I took the work at Yosemite Bible Camp north of Oakhurst, as camp manager. My wife Debbie is a school teacher and continues to commute from our home in Riverbank, CA on the weekends. I have lived here for just over a year, the weather is great the people are truly special. I am very proud to be a part of your community. The fireworks show was spectacular this year. For all of you that want a place to retire there is no other place like the Oakhurst area. Thank You, Steven 8-7-08

Hi, My name is John Buster, and I did a lot of growing up around bass lake. At the time, I lived in Oakhurst with my family, and attended Wasuma Elementry, then Yosemite High (Briefly). I can’t remember a 4th of July without bass lake while I lived there. I might have been magically transformed into a bass if I had lived there much longer. I remember the Ducey’s and The Pines, I used to hang out at the arcade behind the pines, and my older brother got in big trouble once for setting off a ludicrous amount of fireworks right there on the beach! We always spent the day at the falls, at the picnic tables closest to the docks. I have been thinking about Bass Lake a lot lately, because when I was about 12 (I’m 34 now) I saved a little boy from drowning at the falls. His father happened to be the next person I rescued from the falls, because after I got the boy back to the rock by the falls, someone up on the bridge shouted “There’s still someone down there!”, and I jumped back in and helped pull out this really big guy. MAN that was hard! I remember when I got back to the rock with the boy, I handed him over to someone that I then realized was (in my opinion) the hottest girl in school, Andrea Brain, and I think I remember her saying “That was the coolest thing I have ever seen!” So, after this all went down, the father, who was a little shaky, told me “If there’s anything I can ever do for you, just let me know”, and I said “Just promise me you’ll never do that again!” and I swam away. I don’t know their names, and I am curious about how they are doing. Saving that kid was hard, he was so freaked out that when I was swimming back to shore with him, he was tearing my face up trying to climb out of the water over my head! I will never forget that day, or any other day I went to Bass Lake. My best wishes to that family, John Buster July 24, 2008.

I moved to Bass Lake in 1960, attended Bass Lake Elementary School, and then Sierra High School. What a way to grow up. My parents built our house, 4th house towards the tower from the Pines. My farther built the miniature golf coarse at the pines. I so miss the old Pines Resort with the circular fireplace, the Falls, and Duceys. I worked summers at the old Shell gas station in the pines, gas was 64 cents a gallon. I moved away in 1972, but I have not missed a single 4th of July since. My two kids, now 20 and 23, have been going to the lake since birth. I have a picture of myself at 4 years old standing on the forks dock, complete with the old yellow boats, I also have the same picture with my son at 4, same boats! My wife always has the chicken fried steak at the forks (thanks Ron & Leslie) the food always tastes better at the lake. We will be back this year, our multiple family group is now 30 plus and now includes grand kids. Thanks so much for the web site, I visit the lake every day on line. Tom Hiniker and family, Acton Ca. 5/4/08

Oh, the memories....My family spent the summers of the '60's here, in Bass Lake. I have such great childhood memories. Great times, Great Family, Great People,  Great Place! What fun we always has! I clearly recall "The Falls", and" McDougals". I wish someone would post a photo of "The Falls", before the lease ran out, the building and the falls. Some people don't believe a building really ever existed, as there is no area to build it today (so I am told). I'd love to see a photo of "Doogies" too before it burned ! I returned to Bass Lake a few years ago, after not having been for over 30 years. While it is still a "perfect slice of Heaven", it has changed sooo much. The memories are still in my mid, but the place has drastically changed. Isn't that what happens with progress!!! Oh well, it will always be the same in my memories and those of you discovering it now, will have your own memories of this fabulous place e on earth!  Bass Lake.  Sherry Benedon, Calabasas Ca. 3-7-08.

I started coming to Bass Lake when I was 2 weeks old.  Every year until I was 7 years old, my parents would take us there for our family vacation.  But it was not a normal family vacation.  We would have approximately 20-40 friends and family members stay at the Forks campgrounds for about a week. MMMM Forks burgers, and the Bazooka gum they left when they gave you the check after your meal.   I remember the first fish I caught at the age of 5, and someone stole it, and I cried for hours.  My mom one time made 200 tacos for the whole crew.  It was so much fun, but we were not able to get to Bass Lake as often as we did when I was younger.  I even learned how to water-ski at Bass Lake.  The last time I went there with my Father, I remember rolling down the window in the truck, taking a deep breath and saying……..  Do You Smell That?, and my Dad said what, Heaven…….  This year I’m turning 40, and I’m coming home to celebrate.  Thanks Bass Lake, for giving me 40years of the best times in my life. Karen Rampolla 2-20-08

We have been coming to Bass lake since 1990...We love the lake ,and the people...We especially love listening to the Yosemite Jazz Band every 4th of July at Ducy's along with the fire works. Then having pizza at the Pizza factory in Oakhurst on Thursday nights during the summer and listening to Yosemite Jazz Band . We'll be back for 2008.The Howell's Clan  from Ventura, Calif. 1-4-08
My grandparents, parents and relatives started going to Base Lake in the early 40's, My folks brought many trailers to the lake and stayed mostly on the south shore for many years. Our combined families finally purchased our first cabin around 1955, 1 miles west of the Pines at the first "big bend in the road". My grandparents stayed year round at the cabins, but our family and my uncle's family had to commute on vacations and holidays from Taft, California (4 hours away). In 1959, our families sold the old cabin and purchased another about 1/4 mile east of the Pines. We kept that cabin for about 3 years, until the death of my Grandmother. I have very many happy memories of growing up and having fun at Base Lake. I go up every on-in-awhile just to visit the old house with the large rock retaining wall my grandfather built. I go to your web site almost every day, because your camera #2 is pointing into the cove of our first cabin. By the way, my wife and I have an argument, ever since we went to Base Lake. At the original Pines, there was a bakery that made the best apple turnovers. I tell my wife that the turnovers are now smaller and not as good as the first. She said that was because I was younger and now I have forgotten a lot. At age 62, I am not that senile. Thank you letting share my thoughts.  Don Cauvel , Bakersfield,  California 11-15-07

I just read the entry of Melissa Bendix from 11/16/06 and I must let you know that my husband and I purchased your grandfather’s home in 2001.  We, too, have shared many beautiful memories there and have enjoyed looking at “Goat Mountain” from the living room window.  Diving and fishing off the dock, swimming to “big rock” in the cove, jet skiing, watching tons of kids learn to wake board…these are only some of the cherished times we have enjoyed.  We still see your grandfather and if you are in the area, would love to have you stop in and say hello and give you a tour through the home.  I can’t think of a better place to live and thank God for such a blessing.  Colleen 10-14-07.

I'm 39 years old and started going to Bass Lake when I was a baby (before I was born, actually). We lived in Corcoran, California at the time and my dad worked for Salyer. Fred Salyer had a cabin on the lake. My dad was friends with Scott Salyer (his son) and we would go almost every weekend. We stayed in Salyer's cabin on Arrow Road. I caught my first fish at Bass Lake. I was about 7 (and female) and couldn't take the fish off the hook so I walked back up to the cabin with the fish dangling from my line. Scott had to take it off the hook for me and tell me it was too late to keep it because it had died. My dad and Scott used to water ski all the time. My favorite part of that was when they would gas up the boat. I couldn't believe there was a gas station and store floating on the water. (I was little). I used to walk to the Pines store and buy candy. The loft in the cabin smelled like an orange whistlepop for several years after that. I bought a fake snake at the novelty store and kept it for years. My dad quit working for Salyer's in the 80s and Scott went on to college and they didn't hang out like they used to so we stopped going to Bass Lake. About 4 years ago for our anniversary, my husband and I booked a room at the Houndstooth Inn in Oakhurst. I drove him to Bass Lake because I wanted him to see where I practically grew up. I loved Bass Lake and wanted him to see what I was talking about all those years. I remembered how to get to the cabin even though I hadn't been there since I was about 15. When I got there, I was surprised to see the sign my mother made way back in the 70s about no tresspassing, violators will be towed- it was still there! No one was there but I went down to their dock. The water was low that year and I sat on the dry dock and just
looked across the lake and told my husband all about the fun times I had over at that cabin and Bass Lake. Someone has since remodelled the cabin and I'm hoping it is the Salyer's. I hope they still have it. It holds so many memories for me. My dad is gone now but every time I go to Bass Lake it reminds me of him. I take my kids about every other weekend just for the day to swim. We now go on the other side of the lake to the campgrounds. I agree with one of the other people who posted about the trash. I can't stand to see people just throw their stuff anywhere. I feel like this is "MY" lake. I grew up here and now I'm taking my children here. After we spend our day and we're packing up, we will walk along and pick up trash that other people have left behind because we don't want to come back to that mess. One day I was so mad someone had taken off their kid's wet diaper and just left it there. Bass Lake is so beautiful because the people that live there and the people that know and love it take care of it and it irks me when people like that don't care. I love Bass Lake. We're going this weekend for one last swimming day. I figure it will probably be too cold for the kids to swim after this Sunday so one last swimming trip and any other trip after this will just be for a picnic only. My co-worker is going to follow me. He's heard me talk about it so much, he wants to take his children there too. We live in the valley, where they call mud holes "Lake Success" or "Lake Kaweah". He has no idea what a real and beautiful lake it. He's going to find out. To the Salyers, thank you for all of the great memories. If you still own the cabin and haven't sold it, I'd love to see what you've done to it. It looks beautiful from the outside! Wendy H. Tulare, CA 9-26-07
I first went to Basslake in 1983. Not only did I fall in love with the place but also met the women of my dreams. We have been  married for 21 years . Her parents still live there and we visit as often as we can. Scott from Long Beach CA. 9-19-07

I haven't went to Bass Lake all summer to fish because they put the Jetski course in the middle of the best fishing area.
Across from the south end boat launch ramp along the south east side of the lake in the deepest area of the lake where the Trout like the deep cool water. I feel this is a very poor setup on the lake. It is over 100ft deep there and bouie bad for fish lines, I dont know how they get the bouies to stay put. Anyway it would be nice if the fisherman had some place to fish Bass Lake in the summer. To have a trolling area in 100ft of water. Poor organization of area. Roger 8-10-07

Since about 1963 our family and friends have been coming to Bass Lake.  As my brother said in his Christmas Newsletter last year, we will be going to Bass Lake for the rest of our lives until we find somewhere more beautiful.  To us it is like our second home.  Every year we would arrive at the designated beach, to see who had come this year.  My parents high school friends were always there.  Of coarse that was our extended family.   It was fun to watch the families grow.  It was sad when the burger place we loved so well by the falls had gone one year.  Then later Ducey’s.  Oh, but the wonderful memories we have at these places.  Watching movies at the old theatre.  Visiting the souvenier shop on the corner.  Thank goodness they still have those practical joke objects.  The fake poo poo that grandma Jojo blamed on the grandkids.  Then went into a dirty martini glass years later at someones birthday.  Oh yeah, that was my birthday.  Last year was our first year without any adults.  Of coarse brother thinks this is funny considering we are all in our 30’s and 40’s.  Oh we had such a blast.  It was the first year we saw the eagles nest too.  One year we came kind of late in the season.  It was pretty cold all the time.  My son and I had bunk beds in an inclosed porch that had not been closed up yet for the winter.  Everyone else thought we were crazy.  We had to change into our pajamas in the sleeping bags.  Every morning we could here the geese, and see the fog hanging over the water.  It was beautiful.  My son and I had a great time.  And who can forget the falls.   Last year my son and I came up before anyone.  A first for us.  We bought some lunch and hung out at the beach before the cabin was ready.  It was like we had never left.  Thank you Bass Lake.  The Young, Glock, Puzik, etc, families July 31st 2007.  See you soon.

In 1999 I was given a gift certificate for two nights at Ducey's Lodge.  Thanks to Mark & Oscar, my wife and I spent a long weekend at Bass Lake in October 1999.  While there on a walk in the crisp and clean early morning air we both agreed that this would be the perfect setting for a "family vacation".  We followed through and have just returned from our seventh family vacation at Bass Lake.  We stayed in Bass Lake Estates the first year (we were in one of only a very few homes at that time).  The second through fourth years we stayed in a house on Hazelwood and the last three we have been blessed to be on the water at Blue Jay Point. Our entire family (currently 13 and growing) consider this one of the most special places we have ever visited and look forward, every year, to our return trip the week of July 4th.  We feel we have started a tradition with our children that they can carry on for many years to come and for at least one week out of the year all come together as a family and enjoy the Lake and each other. How thankful I am every day for that gift back in 1999.  The Manley's,  Pleasant Hill, Auburn, Antioch, & Napa, CA ..... July 10, 2007

My wife and I started a summer tradition 5 years ago to bring our family up to beautiful Bass Lake every 4th of July.  We have a 6 & 7 year old boy and girl who love to eat burgers at The Forks and swim & slide down The Falls. To me there’s nothing better than a few hundred boats sitting side by side in a circle watching California’s greatest 4th of July fireworks show.   It’s truly the highlight of summer to visit this area.   We’ll be leavingtomorrow for this years trip and I can’t seem to get any work done as the anticipation is pulling me north already.   Look for the rustic lake front cabin near The Falls with the giant American flag – see you at Bass Lake, The Tronson family, West Hills, CA  June 28th, 2007

I've posted here before, and I look at this site EVERYDAY, summer and winter, it's usually my wallpaper too. Today (6/24/07), we came up for the day, a 3 1/2 hr drive, just to float on the lake and relax, we love it. But I wanted to thank you for having this site, so I can look at MY Bass Lake. Today we saw where the camera was, perched on the top of the house in a cove. My son's and their friends, are going up on Wed 6/27/07, to stay for 10 days and watch the fireworks, I'm jealous.
Anyway, Thank You, seeing Bass Lake everyday makes my day. 6-24-07

By Dillon Deveney - Descriptive Essay for Period 3, Wall, New Jersey, March 20, 2006, submitted by his Grandma Patti, who is a resident of Bass Lake, and received a copy as a Christmas present - Mom, are we there yet?  No, not yet!  Uhhhh, why?  (5 hours later) are we there yet?  Yeah!  Yeah!  It is a pain to get to my absolute favorite vacation spot, but man, is it worth it!  That's right, We are going to California.  In particular, Bass Lake, California.  This is my favorite place of all time.  I've been there at least a million times. Ahhhh, Bass Lake.  Sunshine as far as the eye can see.  The sun is a raging fire in the sky, and as nightfall comes, it acts as a veil to let the sun sleep for another day.  The best, well, my all time favorite thing about Bass Lake is a place called Willow Cove.  As well as a cove, Willow Cove is also the best swimming hole and relaxing spot.  It is cool because my grandma lives right next to it.  Willow Cove is an everlasting memory. Something that completes Bass Lake is the water.  The water is a refreshing lake of liquid crystal, with specks of fool's gold shimmering in the water.  The water is only cold until February.  After that, it is nice and warm.  There is so much to do in the water.  You can water ski, jet ski, go boating, fish and swim.  With all those choices, it is hard to choose what to do.! The last thing I love about Bass Lake is my family.  See, my Grandma and most of my family live in California.  So I get a chance to see them, since I don't see them much.  Most of the time it is my Mom, Grandma, and me.  My Grandma lives a minute away from Willow Cove, so usually everyday we go and hang out there.  We bring towels, rafts, and food, and my Grandma's dog, Muppet.  Muppet loves to swim and even has her own life preserver!  She loves to play Frisbee in the water.  So many memories have been created there. Well, times flies when so much fun is going on.  I've lost track of time.  I should go catch my flight back to New Jersey, but I have to say one more thing.  Next time you go out to California, look for my Grandma Patti.  If you are looking for a fun vacation, seek her out.  Don't go to Disneyland, come here to Bass Lake!  Okay, well I don't want to miss my flight, so gotta go! (Dillon will be returning in August 2007, for yet another divine visit with his Grandma Patti and her dog, Muppet.  Can't wait!) 5-19-07

We have been coming to Bass Lake for over 20 years.  After not visiting for a while we again packed up our entire family and enjoyed making new memories - this time with our three year old granddaughter.  Bass Lake is a family tradition that we will continue forever.  It is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the beauties of nature.  I thank everyone involved in keeping Bass Lake one of the most beautiful spots in California. Charlene and family..... May 17, 2007
The Bass Lake website has been very beneficial this year and hopefully years to come. We are now residents of Bass Lake with a vacation home in Willows Cove. The website helps us gauge the water temp very accurately. We are now thinking about getting married in Bass Lake. Thanks for the website! J. Williams 5-8-07

Kelly Silva........Where are you?? I heard you made your home at Bass Lake. Of course you picked the most beautiful place to live. Contact  Linda in Woodland, CA. 5-4-08
In 1950 I was manager/projectionist at the Pines Theater in Bass Lake.  My wife to be, Jacqueline Willis, sold the tickets.  Her sister, Irene Willis, was the ticket taker.  My future father-in-law, "Jack" Willis was a rock mason and specialized in building fireplaces and rock walls.  Jackie's mother Neva Willis worked for the Pines Resorts and later as an LVN at the Madera County Hospital.  "Jack" and Neva Willis settled at Bass Lake in the mid-1920's.  Jackie's brother, John, grew up at Bass Lake to become a Forest Ranger.  During the summer of 1950, Jackie and I and her sister and brother and Amy Long, wife of Van Long who operated Long's Studio, spent many hours exploring the back country around Bass Lake.  It was truly a memorable summer.  After Jackie and I were married in 1951 I became a Probation Officer in Madera and we spent many week-ends at Bass Lake visiting her parents who lived on a hill overlooking the old airport.  Unfortunately, in 1959  we moved to Sacramento which severely limited our ability to  visit Bass Lake.   My last visit was in 1988.  By then the Bass Lake of the 1950's was gone. Charles & Jackie Bridges  Sacramento, CA  5-1-07

Back in 1961, while in the USAF at Fairfield, CA; I met another airman from the Bass Lake area.  He invited me to his home for the weekend, which entailed a day trip to Bass Lake.  I have been in every major city in the world, lived in Bavaria, Holland, Thailand - but have never, never seen a place so beautiful as Bass Lake.  I was only there once, over 40 years ago, but the beauty of the Lake and surroundings still have a prominent resting place in my "good times" memory. 4-30-07

Hi, i just wanted to say that i've been visiting Bass Lake ever since i was a baby and i always loved going to my grandma's house near the town. I remember one year when i was a little kid there used to be a A&W Root Beer store and it was awesome to go there and just hang out. Well i'm 24 now and a Specialist in the Army and i dont get many chances to come back there but when i do i'm gonna love every part of it just as if i was a little kid again. I love it there. Thanx Jeffrey Davis, Specialist U.S. Army. Oxnard, CA. Currently stationed in Germany. 3-31-07

I really appreciate the webcams. Even more.I appreciate Bass Lake. My grandparents, Joe & Laura Elerick bought a cabin at Bass Lake in thelate 1930's. When they retired in the late 1960's, they moved there full time. I have so many memories of Bass Lake I could probably fill many, many pages. I lived with them most of the time since my parents were always working in the midst of the Aerospace Industry. I attended Yosemite High School when it opened. Went to Fresno State from 1979 to 1984 and then moved to Lake Tahoe for about 8 years because of a job. In 1992 I moved back to Oakhurst and when I found the right home at Bass Lake, I bought it. Lake Tahoe is nice in the summer..... Bass Lake is better for year round living. And..the water at Bass Lake is actually warm enough to enjoy. (Tahoe sarcasm). My brother, sister and myself literally have hundreds of photos taken at Bass Lake from the late 1930's up through today. Sometimes I wonder if the owner of the cabin (giant magnificent million-dollar home now) might like to see what their house used to look like? The lake hasn't changed all that much. I domiss the miniature golf where the Pines now sits. And the wild parties we had on Friday and Saturday nights up Beasore Road (pronounced baysore, not bayshore). And the Bass Lake stables near Willow Cove. And being able to ride my mini-bike (Honda Z-50) from our cabin to Beasore Road when Beasore was a dirt road from one end to another and we had to avoid logging trucks coming down with their load of fresh cut trees. Or watching the planes land at the Bass Lake Airport (my brother is a pilot and we landed there many times in a Cesna). Like I said, I could go on and on about Bass Lake. Nothing but the best memories Scott A. Runtzel 12-27-06
I've been coming to Bass Lake for 35+ years when my parents, grandparents and I would camp at the PSEA campground.  When my son was born I graduated from tent camping to RV'ing and we've continued the tradition at the Bass Lake RV Resort for the last 12 years.  We try to go at least 3-4 times a year and both of my kids just love it.  The lake is stunning, the weather is beautiful and the memories are forever.  Thank you.  John. Bakersfield, CA. 12-20-06

Oh, where to start.  I have been going to Bass Lake since I was an infant. My grandparents Bob & Dee Todd built their cabin there in 1970.  We would come up all the time.  These are most of the best memories of my life.  I was so sad when my grandparents moved up there in 1983 but, it is so understandable that they would want to live in such a beautiful place. I sure have missed being able to go up there as much. My dad likes to ask everyone the name of one of the mountains and he says it is called "goat mountain".  My grandfather still resides at Bass Lake and I envy him.  What a beautiful place on earth!! Once you go, you will always want to return. It used to be a little more quiet of a lake in the summer but ever since they filmed the movie "The Great Outdoors" there, it all grew.  I remember when Oakhurst just had the one small grocery store in it. I will always love Bass Lake!!! Melissa (Todd) Bendix, Anaheim, Ca 11-16-2006

 I just read my sister's (Marilyn Rassi) comments on Bass Lake and have to add my own.  She is 8 years older than I am and lives in CA..I live in Fountain Hills, AZ.  She remembers my folks drinking stingers and I remember our mom needing to drink grasshoppers to-go from the Falls.  Guess it doesn't really matter except that we remember Bass Lake as being the best place in the world to go for vacations.  She remembers the dances, but  I was too little to get in.  I do remember the great times we had at the Forks campsites and our little rock boundaries that our dad made us lay around our campsite before we could go into the lake on the first day we arrived.  We usually went the last two weeks of summer (in August)  I remember one time when my brother fell through one of the slats on a dock near the Forks and ended up getting a really bad infection in his leg and almost lost it.  My folks had to run him down the hill for stitches.  I also remember the time we rolled into the Forks restaurant and our dad nearly ran over Larry Matthis, who was our older sisters boyfriend.  Our car carrier slid over the front window and we laughed and laughed.  Dad must have been driving too fast! (or already had one too many stingers) I also remember fishing with my brother and catching tons of blue gill and then having to throw them back to my dismay! And I will never forget the time we met these boys who were there with tons of Alpha Bits cereal and unlabeled cans of food.  It seems that they all worked in a grocery store and the manager let them have them for their camping trip so they wouldn't have to buy food.  The store couldn't sell the stuff, but it was always a surprise when they opened the cans.  They never knew if they would have vegetables or soup or hash for breakfast.  They also turned out to be long time Bass Lake goers and friends of our family.  Joe Corsenita and his wife live up there to this day.  Pat Marley lives not too far from there!  These were, of course, boyfriends of my two sisters.  But I was in love with them too, even though I was only 8 years old at the time!!  I also remember the times I took my own family up to "our Bass" when my first son was only about 18 months and again when he and his brother were a little older to meet the rest of the family.  By then we were staying in cabins at the Forks and on the other side of the lake.  I even slid down the falls on one of those trips to show my brother and sisters that I wasn't "afraid" (even though I was scared to death).  I haven't been nearly as many times as my sis or probably even my brother.  But there is no doubt about it, Bass Lake is "our Bass" and always will be! Thank you for putting up this web site, I have really enjoyed reading all the comments and looking at the pics.  I am in agreement with the gentleman who says why tell the world, we need to keep this magnificent place for those who remember it from childhood on up, a secret!!!  I will be back!!!  Darlene (Rassi) Miller 11/07/06

For the past 56 years I have referred to Bass as "MY" lake.  I am touched, after reading these posts, that Bass Lake is in the heart and soul of so many people like myself.  I too have traveled much of the world and I have NEVER seen a more beautiful place that just keeps calling me back, year after year after year after year.  All of us raised during the early '50's, growing families after all the dads returned home from WWII, lived in the greatest of all times.  Camping was a wonderful family event - especially at My Bass Lake.  As young kids we learned to ski, liked to camp at the Forks, Lakeside, Denver Church, Pine Slope, etc.  In those days people actually nailed things to the we had a clothes line and practically a built-in kitchen which our dad constructed from boards.  We always took our big tent (that must have weighed 100 lbs) but only used it to change/store clothes.  My dad would line 6 cots and sleeping bags in a row and we got to sleep under the stars.  He kept us kids busy by having us go collect as many rocks as we could, we would put a circle of rocks around our campsite and a rock path to it from the road.  No showers or flush toilets in those kids took our daily "bath" in the lake.  Our folks would drive to the upper falls and hike up until they found a more secluded spot to bathe in that freezing water. As we got older and became teenagers, my sister and I got to go to the great dances at the Falls.  Those years attracted thousands of clean cut, fun loving teens.  Sooooo romantic!  The parents would hang out in the bar and drink "stingers", while us teens drank green rivers and ate fries, while our younger siblings slid down the falls, etc.  But, oh, the boys!!!  I fell in love with a new boy every year at Bass Lake. Our boyfriends at home would always faithfully send letters to us at the Forks and we always liked getting them.  But one year our two boyfriends decided to "surprise" us and drive up from the LA area.  My sis and I could have cried and were so mad at them that we sent them back home.  My sister dated Larry Mathis, son of Alta and Les, who managed the Forks store.  One year Larry actually came back with us to LA for a couple of days.  He had never been to L.A. and had never seen a building as big as our little white capital building (this was probably 1957ish).  We remember all the cute sis had a crush on John Willis, I had a crush on Norm (last name?).  We all used to drive over to Rec. Center at night, lay on the sand, look up at the bazillion stars and listen to KRLA, the L.A. radio station that somehow came in pretty clearly at night.  The original Bass Lake Queen also had all the popular songs that we could hear from the shore.  All of us remember ELMER.  Over the years that story became so mixed up that nobody remembers what it originally was.....we thought Elmer was a bear who watched over the campers.  Now when we return to Bass every year, no one yells for Elmer.  The Forks was the best place to hang, and their famous burgers and great juke box are some of our most fond memories.  Fats Domino, The Everly Bros., Elvis, Jimmy Clanton, Sea Cruise, This "Ol House, I Wanna Walk You Home, Dream, the Platters, etc. etc.  And that juke box was loud!  I'll never forget the first time we went to the Forks after Ron and Leslie took over.  Ron had that juke box turned down so low you couldn't hear it.  He ticked me off.....and I told him so.....and said he knew nothing about "MY" lake.  Every year we go back and Ron and Leslie and we have a good laugh over that.One year we hiked up Goat Mountain and got to go up in the lookout tower there.  The old Ducey's was the best bar and restaurant on the planet.  We all were so sad when the Falls club/bar came down and Duceys burned.  When the movie came out we watched The Great Outdoors at the theater at the Pines.  The Pines bar was another favorite hang out and the Pines restaurant had the best breakfasts.  The new Ducey's is beautiful, but we seem to long for the "good "ol days".  Snow Line was also a favorite of ours which we miss.  Some of the Bass post cards are the same ones that were sold 20 or more years ago.  It simply amazes me that somehow, in the past 50 - 60 years Bass has not changed that much.  A lot of new, big money has arrived, along with the new condo developments, etc.  We remember Madge Williams who was so instrumental regarding Bass properties.  And the lakeside homes which used to sell for $40K are now in the millions (we saw one this past summer over by the Pines that had an $8.5 mill price tag).  I remember when they first started building up the shorelines of the lake by putting in rocks or concrete walls.  I thought that was the beginning of the end of Bass more camping on the lake side of the road, etc.  Well, all that did was make Bass more beautiful and better preserved for the next generations.  So many of us have hiked up the falls and we always heard stories of how dangerous the water pools in the rocks are.  In the early 90's my brother and sons were hiking up there.  A young boy had fallen into one of the pools and was drowning.  My brother rescued him and the TV show 911 later came back to film the rescue. After I got married,  my husband wasn't into camping on the ground, so for the first few years we had small RVs and could camp at the Forks. Our last 4 motor homes have been 35 - 40' long, so now every year we stay at Cedar Bluff, a wonderful RV campground. Bass Lake is truly a wonder and marvel.  I only regret that we didn't buy property there many years ago.  Having a home on Bass Lake would make me the happiest person on earth!  11/04/06, Marilyn (the Rassi family), southern California.

My family and I just spent a GREAT week at Bass Lake, 8-12-06 through 8-19-06.  What a wonderful treasure the state of California has there.  We are from Mansfield, Ohio and vacationed there with our California friends of 30+ years.  They have raved about Bass Lake for years and we finally made it on vacation with them.  We WILL be back.  Please take care of it because it is truly special.  Your Ohio friends.

Hi, I Just visited my friend Daron who just happens to live a stones throw from the lake, decided to drive up for my b-day from Cypress CA to see my long time bud. Had a great time, this was actually the second time we had been to Bass Lake, the first time we went to Yosemite & hiked up Mist Trail to Vernal falls & I have to say it is the most beautiful scenery I have seen, we also took a ride on the steam train they have up there that was pretty cool. I'm tellin ya if you like God's creation as much as I do Go To Bass Lake & Stay a While & make sure to hike up Mist Trail in Yosemite, it's definitely worth it. By the way Daron you still owe me a hike up to Half Dome! I'm Still waiting!!! Any way thanks for stopping by & reading about someone else's fun time @ the Lake.    Larry Holloway - last left Bass Lake 08/13/2006 - date to return ASAP!

Hi everyone!!!!!!  My huband and I have been going to Bass Lake for 30yrs . Our oldest daughter was conceived there 25yrs ago. OOPS maybe too much info.   Anyway our grandbabies and nieces,sisters, and parents all still go!! but,    Does'nt   ANYONE  else miss the ski beach on the dam side at Wishon Cove????   No one has even mentioned it .   I LOVE BASS LAKE !!!!!! but, we need the beach space back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It  WAS the ski beach with beautiful sand,no rocks, plenty of room for ALL of the people who visit the wonderful,  lake and shops and gas stations, restarants, ........I don't think jet skis need that beachy spot.  We could share some space but we need the room the only space we get is the small section of beach near  Millers looking at the gas station. I live in Lake Tahoe  and we STILL come to Bass Lake EVERY summer.    Why can't we have the beach back????     ELLLLLLLLMMMMERRRR  !!!!!!  are you there??  See Ya at the lake Tami Borwick 7-21-06

On July 1st through July 8th I went camping with my father at Bass Lake, with a group of “Happy Campers”. We met these “Happy Campers” last year at Bass Lake, they “adopted us” and invited us to go camping with them again. During those eight days I saw fireworks, went on a boat parade, built sandcastles, went fishing, and rode a jet ski, well drove is more like it. That is why I am here, to brag about my camping trip and to tell you how to ride a jet ski. On July 5th while I was camping I met two people, Roy and Terry. They brought two jet skis with them on their camping trip to Bass Lake. I talked to Terry for a while and she asked me, “Do you want to launch the jet skis with Roy and myself?”  I bet I know what you’re thinking what this has to do about jet skiing, well it taught me first you need a life vest, second if you are a kid you need a chaperone, third after you or your chaperone starts the engine, wait a minute and you give it gas, fourth go five miles per hour until you are out beyond the red buoys, finally be careful and have fun. Also see if you can beat my record sixty miles per hour, which is really good. Oh I almost forgot, I have to tell you how to ride, first get on it, second start the engine, give it gas by twisting the throttle on the handlebar, then steer to turn the jet ski. Now you know the basics of jet skiing. Word of advice if you get in trouble remember your chaperone is there to help you, also it is a great idea to untie the jet ski from the anchor. So go and have fun.  Oh, and put sunscreen on just in case.  Bass Lake is the greatest!  Mark Laur, age 12, Winnetka, CA 7-13-06

My name's Heather. I'm 21 years old and my boyfriend and I just spent the week with his extended family in Bass Lake.  We drove from Long Beach and had THE BEST TIME!!  The weather was beautiful! The staff at the camp was great!! The service was easy peasy and pleasant and the lake is absolutely stunning. Being from the city, going to the lake was the PERFECT way to spend time with loved ones in the sunshine. Lots of bonding time and fun in the sun! We hiked the waterfalls and banged ourselves up on all the water toys available to us and I love sharing with people why i have the bruises up and down my legs (mostly from my boyfriend tossing me off the jet ski).  Had SUCH a great time!  and if you're not thing "tent-camping" kind of family, they have cabins you can stay in too, which my boyfriends parents did. (aaaaaw...showers hehe).  I want to make this Bass Lake experience part of my summer tradition.  With my friends next year and with the family I will one day have of my own!!! 7-11-06

Wow - Just found this link.  Bass Lake is my desktop and has been.  I keep a picture of the Falls when the two story building was still there. Bass Lake was our life when we were kids and the memories still is  as adults.  As babies in the late forties and early fifties we have pictures of our parents holding us at Bass Lake. They are standing in the water at The Forks or Denver Church. Every summer we would count the seconds until we would get to Bass Lake.  We would be coming from Lynwood, Ca. and we would just scream when we saw the first glimpse of the lake. We would have lots of Archie comic books we would take with us and cook smores over the campfire. We always stayed at The Forks Campground. We would smell the bacon cooking in the camp fires in the morning (Oh! nothing like it!) and wake up and look at the trees that stretched to heaven. Then of course go from our P.J.s to our bathing suits and off to Ski Beach to ski all day.  I learned to shore start and never get wet at about seven.  Go around the whole lake and never get tired.  Wish I could do that today. How about Mr. & Mrs. Mathis who ran The Forks store?  Patty and Larry were they kids.  The juke box was always playing loud and the hot guys would gun their engines as they drove by The Forks and our camps. Some of them we had met at the great dances at the Falls.  Those dances were the best ever. Hundreds of kids and loud live bands! How about sliding down the Falls?  We did that daily also. What a royal blast that was!! All our bathing suits and shorts we ruined by the end of the summer. And the great cove where we swung into the water on this rope. We just lined up to do it over and over again. All our summer loves.  We cried the whole way back to Lynwood and waited for next year. We really were a true life "American Graffiti", "Summer Romance" movie all built into one. Many families in our "Beaver-Cleaver" type neighborhood went up every summer and our cousins also, so our parents would leave and we got to stay. My poor dad would bring our trailer up, set us up and go back to work for the week. Come up on the weekend. Bass Lake was our "Heaven on Earth". My husband and I went up there a couple of years ago and opened up the windows  of our cabin at The Forks and could smell the bacon frying and I said. "Yep, we are at Bass Lake!" Then for lunch we went and had our famous "Forks Burger".  Still Delicious!! Lets start a Bass Lake Fan Club?  7-3-06

Today is Tuesday 6-27-06.  I am about to endure the longest 3 1/2 days of the year.  School is out, and the packing is about to start!  My son and I are about to start out on another adventure to Bass Lake.  We haven't left yet, and I am beginning to hear, "Are we there yet?  We will be arriving on July 1, 2006 and camping for seven or eight days.  This will be my son's fourth trip to the lake.  I myself have been coming up for over forty years. My son wants to see the fireworks on the 4th, and meet with some wonderful friends he met last year (He calls them the "Happy Campers"). He keeps telling me that he he worked very hard in school to get good grades, just to be certain that he gets to go back to Bass Lake.  I have to admit, my blackmail worked exceedingly well.  Bass Lake itself is a motivating tool for parents and students alike. Both my son and I look forward to more than a week of  good old fashioned paradise. We live in Winnetka, CA 91306.  I have posted once before under the name "Smogtown." Thanks for a wonderful site.

Hi….My husband and I lived at Bass Lake for 12 Years………. I still miss it and wish we could get away for a visit to our Favorite Place.  We are now back in his Own Town of correctionville, Iowa <not a Prison> and living in the country.  Rich and Patty Flemming, Iowa 4-4-04

I'm originally from New Orleans, but met my wife who was from Parlier, CA back in 1998.  Now we live with our twins in Watsonville, CA.  Ever since 1999 when I moved to California, we have gone up to Bass Lake for a family barbecue every Easter.  I enjoy it so much that I check the website very often as I see many folks do.  We just recently started to make a long weekend out of this time and stay at The Pines.  Such a great place full of very nice people, can't wait to come back again & again.  Keep up the great work and pictures on your site, I will send some from my next trip. Thanks, Christopher 3-20-06

Hi well this site is my homepage. I am from the UK and lived at Bass Lake area for 4yrs before moving to Astoria Oregon. Astoria is a great place but man we miss the lake so we are moving back. Can't wait to get home and put my big boat back on the lake. I cant belive I also missed the snow this year. Well keep up the good work with the site. Regards Stefan 3-19-06

Just wanted to say Thank You for having this website, I look at it everyday and in the summer a picture of Bass Lake is my wallpaper. Bass Lake is a very special place for our family, we have camped here for 47 years and my Parents and Grandparents camped here before me, there's nothing like it. I remember my parents and grandparents packing up the cars and we would camp for 2 weeks, it was heaven. My dad and grandfather would set us up and then they would go home for the week and work, then come back up on the weekend to relax, then do it again for another week. My mother, grandmother and I would just swim, float and relax for 2 weeks, man I got so tanned. There were no showers(now Millers has some), and the toilets were pit toilets, but that was ok, we were camping! We always tried to stay at Denver Church, Little Denver Church or Pine Slope, and the fee was $2 a day. Dose anyone remember the little store across from the church when you come into Bass Lake from Oakhurst? When we stayed at Pine Slope, we would walk to the Forks store, and I remember walking barefoot and the road was so soft because it was so hot. We found a duck egg that had be abandoned, so we took it home and our chickens hatched it, his name was Elmer. Does anyone remember Elmer? There's so many memories we have. I learned to waterski at bass lake, had my first kiss there, had chicken pox there, that was a bummer. I think we've only missed one or two years coming to bass lake, and if we can't camp, we at least go up for a day of floating and relaxing(3 hour drive). We've taken friends with us and now they go and their children go. We have had 4 generations going to Bass Lake. We just love Bass Lake, there's no other place like it on earth!  Thank you for keeping us in touch with the lake everyday. Melanie Sartuche, Hollister, CA 3-12-06

Thanks for the great website. I look at it every day. I have been bringing my family to Bass Lake for 22 years. As a PG&E employee we stayed in the PG&E cabins every Easter vacation, the fishing is best that time of year. My children are grown now and my daughter was married at the Pines, it was the most beautiful wedding. Now we have a 5 month old grandson. We also have a house under construction just 2 miles from the lake. We expect to move into it this fall then a few months after that I will retire. We are renting in Fresno while our home is being built but we came from Bakersfield in July 2005. My best friend is also building a house close to mine. Our wives can hardly wait until we move in. Thank you again, the Fosters. 3-12-06

Thank you, thank you!  Your website keeps us connected to our favorite lake!  We visit the site a lot and just love the photos!  Bass Lake started for my family, when my grandparents visited as kids.  This means that the 4th generation is now enjoying this beautiful lake.  My parents just fulfilled a life-long dream and bought a house in Bass Lake.  We were there in January and witnessed the snow fall.  What can I say, it was MAGICAL!!  We are so thrilled to be able to visit the lake during every season now! The Bouchard Family (also the Graf Family & the Tabarez Family) Dublin, CA  3-10-06

I had my Boy Scout Troop 457 camping at the Group Camp Grounds for 27 years.  Started back in 1962 we always had a great camping experience.  At the beginning Ducey's had a place to rent boats near the picnic grounds and the Falls still had the Dance Hall and Bar down stairs.  The Air Field was still on the end of the lake and it was a lot of fun to watch the planes come and go.The Ranger staff put on great evening shows for the campers.  Ed Hattrup, Ramona, California 3-10-06

Thank you for such a great web site.  I look at it almost daily.  I have been coming to Bass Lake since the 1950's.  About 6 years age we bought our first place there.  It is a little bit of heaven on earth.  Cathy Killian Pismo Beach, Ca. 3-08-06

I can't think of a more beautiful place than Bass Lake.  Does anyone remember the Village Corner Gift Shop in the 60's & 70"s?  What a fun place that was!  I moved to Bass Lake in 1960 and enjoyed every year there until I moved away in they late 70's.  I now live in Florence, OR., which is also a beautiful place but nothing can measure up to Bass Lake. 3-5-06

I love the rotating pictures you have added to the homepage!  Some of my favorite memories of the lake include being “stuck” inside, to watch the snow fall peacefully over the lake.  There is nothing more beautiful and serene.  Thanks for triggering those memories, while I sit here in the 70 degree weather at home.  – Jenny, Santa Clarita 2-22-06

We bought our property as close to Bass Lake as we could afford on a Navy paycheck in 1975.I traveled the world including Europe,  Asia and places too numerous to list.When we retired from the Navy there was no doubt about living in this area.Grandparents(wifes) moved here in the late 30's. One of my uncles was a life guard at the Pines Resort summer of 1938. Your site is great!  Sonny & Elaine, North Fork 2-21-06
My family built our Chantland cabin over fifty years ago.  Our vacations to the cabin have brought the best memories of my short life, and there isn't any better place I would rather be than Bass Lake.  My family is from Los Angeles, but I am studying for my degree in Oregon.  On a long day of studying, or after a difficult day of exams, I love to come to the site and check out the lake.  It makes me happy and takes me to the best place I know even if it's through the internet.  Thanks for the site. Christopher Chantland 2-21-06

Hi I just wanted to let you know that the pics you put on the website are awesome! We look forward to looking at the website everyday! Yes we do check it out everyday! It is our favorite place in the whole world and we go once or twice a year! But we have never gone in the winter so to see these pics is priceless!!! Thanks so much, what you do doesnt go unnoticed! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts! Lisa from Ventura California 2-20-06

Thanks for the wonderful current information on weather,etc.  We love it there.  The beautiful starry nights, the absoutle quiet morrnings, the very friendly people.  We have been coming for the last three years, and will return.  I just like the summers a little warmer than it was this one.     Oakland California 11-0-05

I have been going to Bass Lake for many, many years.   My Father (Joseph Krason)  started this family tradition in the early 60's. I have been going almost every year since then.   Now my kids, and grandkids go every year too.  We have camped at every campground.   Does anyone remember "Pine Slope"?    This past summer we went on the 15th of August, and camped at Denver Church which is open while they are renovating Spring Cove.   We were just steps from the water.    The weather was beautiful every day.   Each night the moon would rise from behind the mountain and reflect on the water.   My Kids, Grandkids, and I had 2 campsites next to eachother, and everyone had a wonderful time.    There is no other place like it on earth!   We will be there again next year - guaranteed! Jeanie Mora Redondo Beach, CA 9-15-05

It has been 3 years since I posted my last entry to the guest book, and I am excited to add that we will be bringing a new generation up to the lake for the first time this year!!  (Not including the dogs, who’s ears perk up when we say, “Wanna go to Bass Lake??”) Jenny, Santa Clarita, CA 8-15-05

Had a great time in Bass this August. The Falls was once again a fun spot to let the kids swim around. Renting a boat brought back the memories of our boat owning days. I wish people would stop telling others about this wonderful vacation spot. We want to keep the secret. My only complaint would be the trash at the day spots from the non campers and I wish the toilet floors were hosed out more.yuck! Everyone should pack their own trash out. We saw a deer and it's babies come right through our campsite. And yes I did get a tan was not dirt.  See ya next year Bass Lake 8-14-05

To Laura Boisjolie...........HEY girl!   This is a fellow Camp Santa Teresita camper! I too have sniffed around trying to find a trace of the flag pole where we strung the counselors bra's; campfire pit where the songs we learned long resonated after the embers were out. Remember "just a boy and a girl in a little canoe with the moon shining all around?"  and "beep billie oten doten bo bop a deeten doten?" The 5 mile hike to iceburg cold water Angel Falls.  Bailing out of a sinking canoe. Daily line up for mail...and hoping that there was money from home for the snack bar! Dances at "The Falls" - all that remains of the club is a concrete slab and railing.  I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT BASS LAKE!!! The blue skies.  The warm water. The raccoons. The trees - most of all - the smell of the trees. The jay birds...(don't forget to bring peanuts). The memories: my son - night fishing at the falls - reeling in a 7 pound catfish. The kids learning to ski and wakeboard.  Nights on the deck - BBQing, playing cards and board games.  Anchoring the boat for jazz on the lake.  Swimming to the "barge" at Duceys.  The old Duceys.  The midnight flashlight walks.  And nearby - horseback riding, the train, panning for gold in Coarsegold, sledding at Fish Camp, fishing at Manzanita Lake.  Carol and Angie at Century 21 are the best. Memories with them too - my guy popping from the closet with rose and dance  :)  Long Live Bass Lake and all who share the love of it!!!  Kathi Morris 8-5-05

I remember when the barrier to the dam was made of real logs.  I remember swimming to the island, resting on the way on the logs.  I first water skied at Bass Lake.  I remember when Miller's Landing was McDougals.  After I graduated high  school in 1963 and after my Freshman year at UCLA, my best friend and I took a trip across the USA in 1964, we went from coast to coast, border to border; we swam in the Pacific, the Atlantic, In the Great Lakes, and in the Gulf of Mexico; we went to the Worlds Fair in New York..... we really did a lot of things.  Our first two night away from home were at Bass Lake.  We went skinny dipping with two college girls somewhere near The Forks.  Some very good memories.
I now have a late in life eleven year old son. Last year after his mom passed away, I decided that he too needs some great memories.  My obvious choice was where my fondest memories are rooted. We went camping at Bass Lake,  just like I used to do with my family.  A year ago while we were at Wishon Point, Mark fell in "love" with a wonderful young lady his own age (Sammie, if you read this,  E-mail Mark).  Let's face it, it's going to be a memory for a life time.
This year he wanted to go back to Bass Lake.  We ended up at Lupine.  Again, we were blessed.  Mark met a group of "Happy Campers" who adopted him and me.  He could not have imagined a better four days.  Swimming, fishing, boating, tubing, eating, and friendship (and yes there were DVD's and video games), and, most important, there were logs in the lake to play and rest upon....    Thank you Lori, James, Cindy, and Mick (et, al.) ....... Mark and I "Love you"  .......We will see you next year................    Mark and Andy 7-24-05

The lake is really--really full, only lacking about 2 inches from the top of the spillway. The weather has been a
little bit cooler than usual for summer, which is good--not so hot. We are having beautiful days with gorgeous blue skies,
temps. in the 70's, and a bit of a breeze. GREAT to live here!! R Schneider, Bass Lake 6-28-05

We enjoyed the area this last week while making plans for our daughter to marry her best friend the 23rd of October.  It rained and rained and rained....we still loved the area.  We planned a country backyard wedding and between a thousand raindrops a minute we reconciled to use the Community Center in was the best in the world...a roaring fire, a bride and groom and a room full of loving friends and family.  We will return to B4 on Bass Lake.  Our center of quiet amidst all the planning of a wonderful wedding where we planned and re-planned around the raindrops and still had such a incredible vacation. COLD/DAMP/WET/ we had a great time at Duceys for the best breakfast in the world besides Katies spinach omelet in Oakhurst.  Sunrise and Sunsets like nobody ever saw and thundering rain and snow that got lost just about wedding vows time....!!!!!  The drive from Oakhurst to Bass Lake and back was a memory itself with a waxing Gibbons moon.....AWESOME vacation......we will return and return and return as will our friends the Houcks who saved the wedding and the Dobson's who kept us focused.  The Ca. friends who supported our long-distance wedding and the Watson family who came from Oregon to stand united with the 1st grandchild to wed......We love every one of you!!!!  Next year Bass Lake on us for the fun of it!!!!  Mike & Margie 10-27-04

My family has been going to Bass Lake for the past 30 years.  We used to camp at Denver Church, until it was closed for restoration.  Now, we camp at Forks Campground. This year, my husband and I took our first granddaughter, only 15 months.  She loved the gravel campsites, the sandy beach and the great water at Bass Lake.  We have another grandchild on the way and hope to take this one next year. My husband and I attending the Chocolate Festival in Oakhurst this weekend.  In all the years we have been going to Bass Lake, this is the first time I have ever heard of this Festival.  I was watching the Food Channel one night and they had a clip about the Festival.  I was so excited and said, since I love Chocolate so much, we have to go.  I'm excited about the Bass Lake Fall Festival and Crafts Fair also.  All in one weekend.  We are coming from San Francisco and it is such a beautiful drive.  Bass Lake Here We Come!

My family and several friends again enjoyed Bass Lake from July 1st through the 11th. It ended up over the week we had about 24 people in and out! Great weather, fantastic Fireworks, alot of Fun! Our family has made Bass Lake our summer destination the last several years and it seems each year gets better, if that's possible. This year was unique. I took my youngest son (7) out fishing at dusk/ early evening near the Forks Moorings. We'd beed out about an hour, when I hooked up. I thought I'd let him reel it in, but he almost lost it, and I took back over. It was the largest Largemouth I had EVER caught. But he was worried to death that I'd hurt it, he didn't even let me weigh it! Those little eyes of his were unforgettable-- We let it go - Didn't even have a camera to witness it! We'll be back next year!  James from Torrance 8-30-04

Excellent job on your web page.  I find it very interesting and informative.I grew up in the Valley and spent a lot of time at Bass Lake.  I enjoyed it then and certainly do now.  I think I’ll look for property there now, especially since getting close to retirement.  I was there this last weekend and truly enjoyed the experience.  My last visit was in 1982, but I had not forgotten much of this paradise.  Roger Asay 8-23-04

Bass Lake is one of the most beautiful and fun vacationing spots to visit.  Our family has been vacationing here for the past three years on the Fourth of July weekend.  The fireworks are amazing but the most amazing thing is seeing all of the boat lights out on the lake after the fire works show is over.  Though we have only been back home from the lake only a few weeks we are already looking forward to next year!!!  ~Cortez Family~ 7/20/04

"ELMERRRRRR"!  Where are you?  It was Camp Santa Terra Sita that brought our family tradition to Bass Lake. It was a Girls Catholic Camp by the Denver Church location, where the Airport used to be. My older sister and I went there for 2 weeks each summer in the year 1963, ' 64, ' 65.  The Priest and Nuns, ran this fantastic girls camp where we learned to swim, canoe, ride horses and yell to the boys across the lake where there was a boys camp.  This was a Massive Camp - and no one has even mentioned it yet!  There were so many girls, where are you?  It had Ten cabins that ran down a hill to the mess hall. CABIN ONE was at the bottom of the hill for the youngest girls and ran up hill by age to CABIN 10 to the older girls. It was  ne heck of a hill and when the Mess Hall  triangle bell was rung by one of the nuns it was a Stampede down the mountain.  So many great memories of this Camp for me and my sis. Now, You can't even find a trace of this Hugh Camp. I went to search for it, which is now a day use area and there's no hill?  Not even a plaque acknowledging it's existence or even The Giant Gum Tree which was outside the mess hall where us girls all had to get rid of our gum before entering the beautifully built Mess Hall. It's like it was just a Wonderful Dream where hundreds of girls learn to sing beautiful songs and pass pitchers of buffalo blood, really kool-aid to one another along long tables that went on for ever it seemed. I still feel closest to God, right there- in that there spot. I hear the mer mer of the rosary being said by hundreds of little girls tucked in their sleeping bags before going to sleep and my slight embarrassment of not knowing the words. Camp Santa Terra Sita I remember you, and I didn't have to be Catholic.  We spent every summer there on with Mom and Dad for our 2 week vacation that we spent all year planning for at Spring Cove. We have reels and reels of 8mil. film of kids, family and friends water skiing behind our boat known as "For instant fun, Just add Water!"  We always stay to the last second and we miss it especially when we hit the Fog back home to San Francisco. "Bass Lake,  we love you"!  Laura Boisjolie 7-1-04

My husband and I live in the Valley, 2.5 hours away, but have had a cabin for 7 years located just north of Oakhurst in Cedar Valley. We spend so much time there and at the lake. We love it and just can't stay away. It's a great place to escape the valley heat! We consider ourselves so very lucky to be in the mountains in such a beautiful and picturesque area. sg 6/17/04
What a wonderful close to home solution for our family.  My husband loves the woods and the big trees and my daughter loves the water.  I love the peaceful relaxing atmosphere.  Looking forward to more summer time spent at the Lake.  PRK - Merced. 6-14-04

My husband, two kids 12 and 13 and I are visiting Bass Lake for the first time July 23-28. We are so excited, it's all we can think about. We'll be staying at one of Chalets at The Pines Resort. We haven't had a vacation in a number of years and from all I've read and the photo's I've seen it looks like we've chosen the perfect place. I hope we find a place to come back to year after year and build many wonderful memories here! Calrsbad, CA 6-02-04
Hi:  We are coming to bass lake PGE section May 25,2004, this will be our first time. I am very anxious.  It looks so inviting.    Frank and Mary Thurman, Salida Ca.  5-20-04

I see that there have been no postings since August of last year--2003. Hard to believe!!
We live in Oakhurst, about 5 miles up 426, and 2 miles from The Forks. The lake is almost full now, and looking very pretty and scenic and blue. It should be another great summer up here. The weather here has been cooler recently, 60's and 40 mostly, which is really nice with the hot sun during the day. Soon it will be very hot, and the lake water will warm up to 80, and the crowds will arrive. But right now it is very peaceful and quiet. I hope everyone visiting Bass Lake has a great time this summer. We certainly love living here, and we are glad that we escaped Arizona and ended up in this beautiful place.  Robert S.  5-18-04

I've been going to Bass Lake my entire life.  My first time was when I was only 5 months.  To get really accurate, you could say I was there before I was born.  The year before I was born my Mom told me of a story that when she was pregnant with me, she slipped on some pine needles and scooted down a steep hill about 25 feet LOL We always stayed at the old Ducy's campground always in the same spot Bass Lake is the best.... It's been in my family 5 generations.  My parents even had there honey moon there 57 years ago.  There's been many first's there for me too...The first time I water-skied, my first date, and "yes"my first kiss...  I love that lake.  Is brings back good memories of simple times.  I have not been there in a few years. I need to go back soon! Scott Rohrback- San Diego, CA  8-14-03

Our family has been going up to Bass Lake for 8 years now and have always enjoyed the scenery. You couldn't be in more Beautiful country up in Bass lake. Through the years we have camped through everything you could imagine. But the scenery, peace and quiet have kept us going back all these years. We are leaving soon for Bass Lake and are extremely excited as always. We hope to pass the tradition to others so that they also can appreciate the beauty of Bass Lake.   Beltran Family 7/27/03 Santa Barbara, CA

I have been going to Bass Lake for my whole life. My mother has been going there ever since she was a baby. Every summer she would go up to Bass with our whole family. Once she had her a family of her own she started taking my sister and I up to Bass when we were babies just like her. We go up there ever summer and have the time of out lives. My Grandfather got married 2 years ago and now we are starting to take her family along with us. I just adds for a bigger and better time to be at a place that I love with people that i love. I can't wail till 8/5/03 that will start the stay for me at Bass this summer. Courtney McNabb Flagstaff,Az 7/20/03

My wife, kids, and I have been coming up to Bass Lake for the past 5 years. Kim grew up in Fresno so she has been to Bass Lake, many times, since she was born. For me, renting for one or two weeks at a time has been OK, but dang, I sure would like to live up there. Perhaps when I retire. All of our experiences have been ones of pleasure. I cannot think of one thing that stands out as negative. Just got back yesterday (7/19/03) and I swear I can still taste the Strawberry Shake I got at Miller's on Friday! Kim and Jeff Mayner Ventura, CA 7-20-03

My family and I have made Bass Lake a yearly ritual for over 50 yrs.  Before I was born family would make the lake their yearly vacation spot.  My first trip to the lake came when we flew into the airport (which used to be on the north end of the lake)....that was in 1955.  For the next 18 straight years I spent at least 2 weeks, sometimes more, enjoying everything about Bass.  We lived thru tent camping in Wishon, shore take-offs from the beach, sking all the kids from youngest to oldest (usually a total of 10-12 people per round) at least twice a day, enduring unpaved roads and outhouses, and survived our boat sinking 2 times while tied up at the beach at nite.  One time we bailed it out, pulled it out of the water, went to Oakhurst for repair supplies, cleaned up the engine, and had the boat back in the water and sking by that afternoon.  I can remember the whole group of kids in our group walking to McDougals (now Miller's Landing) for ice cream every nite.  This even continued when we graduated to a camper, and moved up to the first paved campground, Spring Cove.  Sometimes our "group" occupied 5 campsites.  Glory hallalujah.....flush potties !!!!!  As I write this, I have images pop back in my mind, and could go on and on with stories.  In 1972, I married, and guess where we spent 2 nites???  Yep, Bass Lake.  Life changed some after that, and I moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.  My husband wasn't that keen on camping, so my camping trips to Bass came to a halt.  After the birth of my first daughter, Michele, I wanted her to experience Bass as I had as a child.  Michele made her first trip to the lake at 6 months....just like her mom.  As she got older we made occassional trips to Bass with my family.  She now loves the lake as much as I do, and she's now giving her son, Tyler, the same opportunity.  This year will be his second camping trip.  When I had my second daughter, Courtney, I knew she would be a water baby.  Just as I had done, she is having the time of her life spending precious time at Bass Lake.  Nearly 5 years ago I divorced, and made some changes in my life.  My girls and I started going back to Bass Lake with my father and his new bride.  He was determined to break Paula in the right way....let her see for herself Bass Lake.  Last year, they made other plans, and didn't get to the lake.  Courtney and I did tho.  We packed up our Honda Civic with all the camping gear (yep, it was back to tent camping for me) and made the 1 1/2 day drive from Flagstaff to Bass Lake.  We spent 7 of the most restful days, swimming, soaking up the sun and relaxing.  What a wonder time we had.....just ask the bear that raided our camp, not once, but 2 times !!!  This year will be a bit different, the family is going back as a group.  There will be a motorhome (for Dad and Paula), a tent for Michele and Tyler, a tent for myself and my new beau Bill, and Courtney and Paula's grandaughter Rainie will be sleeping under the stars.  This year we won't take the boat, its getting tired and may be put out to pasture.  We are might rent jet skis and a boat one day for the kids.  Everyone is looking forward to and counting the days til August 5th when we arrive.  Bass Lake here we come !!!!!   again.Years of happy memories and stories...  Terry McNabb, Flagstaff, Arizona 7-15-03

My husband and I got our first invitation to spend a few days in BASS LAKE with some friends about 13 years ago.  We have been hooked.  After a few years of begging my brother in-law to try it ... he finally gave in.  Now, Bass Lake is our family vacation every year.  Our kids can't wait for summer and our trip to Bass Lake.  Thanks to Hardy and Sarah for sharing their little piece of heaven with us.  From: Alan and Julie Novak - 7-14-03

I first vacationed at Bass Lake with my family in July 1944, staying in one of the old rustic cabins that then existed at The Pines. It was heaven to me. Throughout the 40s I counted the days until our annual trip and hoped that I could find some way to live there when I grew up. We returned to The Pines in 1945 and 1946, stayed in a shoreline cabin at The Falls in 1948, and camped for several weeks on Rocky Point in 1949. We had a small boat with an outboard motor, with which we explored the whole lake. I have many pictures of those times, if anyone is interested.
As an adult, I returned to Bass Lake with my mother several times in the early 1960s, but since then I have lived in Oregon. I still dream about the lake sometimes. I long to see it again, though I don't travel now and it will never be possible for me. I tell myself that it must have changed so much that I would be disappointed--lots more building,
large and noisy crowds, unlike the very quiet, unspoiled place I knew. But in the recent pictures here it looks much the same. It's a delight to be able to "visit" on the Web and see that it is still being enjoyed by vacationers after all these years. Sylvia Engdahl Eugene, Oregon 7-14-03 -

  We have been vacationing at Bass Lake since 1969. We first stayed in a "rustic cabin" at the old McDougal's resort, now know as Miller's Landing in July 1969, when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Subsequently we stayed at Ducey's, in both the cabins, and camp sites with our motor home.  For the past 10 years we have rented a lovely home in Willow cove. Our children are now adults with
their own children. Our grand children are now becoming familiar with the wonders of Bass Lake. Our  oldest son learned to water ski at Bass Lake when he was only 5 years old. We all have terrific memories of our vacations at Bass Lake. Your web site is first class, Keep up the good work.  The Gerard's of Yorba Linda, Orange, San Clemente, and the Atkinsons of Susanville.   Bill Gerard 7-1-03

We've been vacationing at Bass Lake with our 5 kids for 20 years. This year we were so excited to buy a small cabin at the lake! We are so lucky to be able to come up more than once a year. We have so many memories at Bass Lake, it is a beautiful, relaxing place to be. Even our two dogs enjoy exploring around the lake, sniffing out the different animals that live there. I love watching the beautiful Eagles. We have the best of both worlds.....the beach, and Bass Lake! Here's to LOT'S more fond memories in the years to come! Nancy - Huntington Beach, Ca 6-26-03

We just spent the first week of June at the Lake.  Wow!  What a piece of heaven!!  It has been a family tradition started by my Grandfather some 50 years ago!  I vacationed there every summer while growing up, and now I've got my 4 kids and husband crazy about Bass Lake!  I've been to other places, and I can honestly say that Bass Lake is the only place I want to spend my vacations!  I learned to ski there when I was 6--(my Dad bought me my first Cut N' Jump at the Pines Marina)--I even went on my first date there at 16 when the Theater was still next to the Village Corner.  My son caught his first fish there this year and we all can't wait to go back next June!!!  We love Bass Lake!  Lisa Ruh, San Diego 6-26-03

I've been going to Bass Lake since I was 6 years old. My mom's side of the family have been going since she was a teenager in the 70's. Its a tradition for my mom's side of the family to go every year around August. I haven't gone since I was 15 but this year I will be able to go and I know this year for a fact it will be way more exciting than ever because now I'm 21 and I will be able to share my family's camping tradition with my fiance and our baby who will be 9 1/2 months when we go. And I hope I can continue the family camping tradition in my own family cause there's no other place that could ever compare to Bass Lake. Bass Lake is the best place to be when you need to get away from the city. Especially when you live in Los Angeles County.  Monica Martinez 5-29-03

I have been going to Bass Lake since I was about 4 and I loved it then and I still love it. We haven't gone anywhere else for a summer vacation, love the lake.  My family and I camp at Spring Cove and every year we go down to Rocky Point during the day, by the way I am 15 and I love the watercrafts that we can rent. Like waverunners, skiboats, pontoons and canoes and kayaks. Last year we had bear problems, came right into our campsite when my mom and I went to the bathrooms next to our campsite and stole a tub and tried to take our cooler! we still have a claw mark on our cooler. The only way we could keep it from getting our stuff is to have the car keys at night and press the lock button when the bear comes and it honks one time. Overall Bass Lake kicks ass. My family resides in a city called Salinas, California  Jacob Gams,  May 24,2003

I think your Bass Lake site is great. I live in Bakersfield, but spend as much time as I can at my home at the lake.  Whenever I feel a little letdown, I log on to your site and look at the lake.  We were up last weekend and saw the eagles flying around.  There were a few fishermen around the Falls and Pines docks.  Did't look like they were catching much.  Summer will be here soon and we can all enjoy our lake.Again, I really enjoy your website.  Thanks,   Gary L. Stanfill 2-14-03

The Donald Pearson family has been vacationing at Bass Lake for 35 years. We first went to the Howe's family camp with our four children.   Thanks to my son-in-law, John McCowan, my grandchildren are growing up with Bass Lake vacations. He rents a house in the cove near the web cam. We enjoy the fun on the lake during the summer and check the web cam frequently when we are home. Thank you, Marc!  This rare mountain jewel is a treasure for families seeking a respite from the city.  Anne Pearson    Orange, CA 2-11-03

We really enjoy your weather and lake reports, and additional historical and other info about the area. Keep up the good work!!   We just moved back here (Oakhurst/Bass Lake) from 15 horrible--long--hot--ugly years in phoenix and tucson, az. The desert is truly a dreadful place to live unless you like it 90--or a lot more--for 8 or 9 months of the year. I did not.  We had previously lived here for about 5 years in the 1980's, but work took me away.  We are delighted to be back. We live about 5 miles up 426, about 2 road miles from the lake. We have tons of trees and privacy, and of course it is gorgeous here, and the weather is pretty good too.  Anyone living here is very lucky and should count their blessings. It is much better than the cities or suburbs. Too bad the air is so bad in the winter from the stoves and trash burning. (editor note: Burning rarely causes problems at Bass lake, they are refering to Oakhurst valley) Anyway, this is a great area and we hope to stay for a long time. Hope others feel the same way too and will work to keep it clean and green and relaxed.   From Arizona escapees--thank god we got out!!!    Bob & Mary 2-9-03
My sister and brother-in-law recently moved to Bass Lake, and if it hadn't been for them vacationing there I would never had found such a Paradise.I have been now a couple of summers and enjoyed the lake to its fullest.The pine trees and slow pace of everyday living I can't wait to come back this Spring!!!!
Sue. Laguna Niguel          Sat, 11 Jan 2003

You can add two more diehard fans of Bass Lake.  After years of family vacations there, we made the big move. We are currently remodeling older cabin. Am still enchanted with the lake and area and will live here  until......friendly folks and wonderful enviroment. Hope to persuade other family members to buy vacation cabin and our son is planning to be married this summer at the pines resort. Absolutely beautiful place to hold a wedding, in the gazebo, overlooking the lake on a beautiful summer day.....         Mon, 30 Dec 2002

This will be our fourth year going to Bass lake! It is now a family tradition and will continue to be for a long time to come, one year we decided to try it and we had no watercraft but it was still fun, the next year we went to Fresno and bought Jetskis, the next year family members bought a brand new boat, maybe next time  someone will buy a cabin on the lakefront!!!  Maybe not but anyway we will continue this trip every year and continue to make
memories for all the little ones who count on this from the day we leave. It is such a beautiful place so relaxing . To see the happiness in my parents faces (because almost our entire family goes)is more than i could ever ask for. Everybody is so friendly and we couldnt have picked a better place.  Munoz family from Ventura California
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 14:27:05 EST 

I've lived in the Bass Lake , Oakhurst area for the past 10 years or so until about a year or so ago now I am going to school in L.A. where I grew up. After I am done I'll be back to buy my dream home on the lake, I'll never forget the time's I lived in the area, or the friends I made ,I could not ask for anything more.Bass Lake  is definately  where I call home .                COMING HOME SOON.  Jason Wige, Saturday November 2, 2002

We live between Oakhurst and Ahwanhee, a short drive to Bass Lake. It is so peaceful and cool during the week. Plentiful picnic areas and a photograhers paradise. Ork,  Oakhurst, CA Friday, September 6, 2002

What is it about this place that keeps bringing us back? My dad started us at Denver Church on water skiis, years later bought a cabin (the best vacations 5 kids could ever have-endless memories), then sold his place. Now, 6 children and 40 years later, I return to purchase a vacation home for my family. My husband is beginning to understand my passion with Bass. We carry on the tradition of "Elmer" at night, sliding and climbing the Falls, the Rope Cove (so sorry to see the tree be cut down), popsicles at the Pines Mkt., and endless hours in the boat. We are so happy to be back!   Susan Frazier  lake forest, ca USA - Tuesday, July 23, 2002 at 18:00:26 (EDT) 
I am planning on visiting Bass Lake late August...have not been before...Looking forward to this and interested in the best things about this beautiful place.Thanks, Jean O'Donnell
Laguna Beach, CA USA - Tuesday, July 23, 2002 at 13:18:12 (EDT) 

PALMDALE, CA USA - Sunday, July 14, 2002 at 17:04:20 (EDT) 

My wife and kids just got back from 9 days at the lake. We stayed at the Forks campground. The camp host was very nice and helpful. The weather was perfect and our neighbors always pleasant. This is becoming our new family tradition, and we really hated to leave the lake. It's especially nice that they are maintaining the water level up. We were wondering why the old campgrounds, that were once between the road & the lake are gone (denver church). My wife & middle son got up for the first time skiing. Just a lot of pleassant memories. Ran into Elmer again this year. But I would like to know where the fish were hiding all week -- did THEY take a 4th of July vacation?
James Starnes <>
CA USA - Monday, July 08, 2002 at 18:51:57 (EDT) 
My husband and I have been bringing our kids to Bass Lake since 1985. We've made it a family tradition to vacation at the Lake EVERY year since. It has changed and grown since our first visit. It's a beautiful place, we look forward to our vacation at Bass Lake - and Fork's burger again this year!!:o)

Nancy <>
Huntington Beach, CA USA - Sunday, July 07, 2002 at 15:51:55 (EDT) 

I have read all the "testimonials" up to this point, and it appears that I have been coming to the lake for the longest time, so far! My parents first started taking me camping there (EVERY summer) when I was six months old (1950), so that makes it about 53 years (this summer)(and I WILL be there this summer)! I've missed a FEW summers along the way, but not very many. There is just no place else like Bass Lake. Although, I'm not sure that it's such a great idea extolling its virtues over the internet! Too many people! :^) I will continue my visits to the lake for as long as I am physically able! Just FYI, my brother is Gary Griggs (who also added his remarks to this Guest Book), and I "ditto" whatever he said!
Nancy Wager <>
Port Hueneme, CA USA - Friday, June 28, 2002 at 13:50:56 (EDT) 
"The Lake" has been an annual family tradition since long before I was born (I'm 40). Some of my fondest memories involve Bass Lake. We've stayed in many different rental and friends' cabins, and every campground (some of which don't exist any longer). Forks Burgers are the best on the planet! My grandmother knew the original "ELMER"! Who remembers the Showboat? The miniature golf course at The Pines? I wish the airport was still there. I love Bass Lake for providing my family something we can look back on with great memories, and forward to with great anticipation every year we're able to visit. Thanks Marc for this forum. Keep up the good work.

Gary Griggs <>
Simi Valley, CA USA - Friday, June 28, 2002 at 10:41:11 (EDT) 

I first visited Bass lake when I was 16, with my dad and sister. It was a great time for me. After graduating from HS, I came back a couple of times with my buddies. Then I haven't been back til last year. I brought my wife and 3 boys with me. The fireworks show was the best I ever remember seeing -- anywhere! We all had the time of our life, and eagerly look forward to returning this year. I believe its to be our new family tradition. Also, I want to thank those that keep the web site up and runing, I appreciate the local weather and love to watch the water levels etc.
James Starnes <>
Torrance, Ca USA - Wednesday, June 26, 2002 at 17:47:50 (EDT) 

I've been coming to Bass Lake for 42 years(I'm 43 now), and my Parents and Grandparents came here before me. We've brought MANY friends with us throughout the years, and now they come up yearly like us too. It's the most beautiful place on earth. I remember when we camped at Denver Church and only paid $2 a night, there was pit toilets back then, and everyone yelled "Elmer" after a litle boy who got lost(or so the story goes). I wish everyone could visit Bass Lake and enjoy the beauty and serenity.
Melanie Sartuche
Hollister, CA USA - Wednesday, June 26, 2002 at 00:53:17 (EDT) 
My family & I have been coming up to the lake for the past 20 years (I learned how to ski there when I was 7...complete with custom t-shirt made at Village Corner to celebrate actually "getting up" on skis!)My family now has a house at the lake, and I just love the place and the hopes of continuing to go up to the lake for many more years!

Santa Clarita, CA USA - Tuesday, June 25, 2002 at 15:23:05 (EDT) 
Carol and I have been vacationing at Bass Lake for over 45 years. As a kid our family camped at Denver Church and Little Denver Church, Pine Slope and the others every summer. Carol came up with her family and stayed at their great aunt's cabin near the Pines Village. We have always loved the beauty and water of Bass Lake and introduced our children to the lake and they get up as often as they can. We now share ownership of the cabin with the cousins and still remain faithful to our love of good ol Bass Lake. We hope you do to.

Dan and Carol McAllister <>
Huntington Beach, CA USA - Saturday, June 15, 2002 at 13:19:18 (EDT) 

We've been camping at Bass Lake every summer for the last 17 years and have never gotten tired of it. This is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. We hope to someday make it our home. If you haven't experienced the lake and the surrounding communities, We urge you to.
Randy & Tracy Cheney <>
Simi Valley, CA USA - Friday, June 07, 2002 at 11:15:02 (EDT) 

We have a vacation cabin that we have spent numerous hours as do-it-yourselfers or "weekend warriors" in the Cedar Valley area just above Oakhurst and have come up every weekend that we can for the past five years. The lake is beautiful and refreshing. I wouldn't trade our beautiful getaway in the mountains among the beautiful pine trees for any place at the beach! I'm now an absolute die-hard mountain fan!
S. Gentry
Bakersfield, CA USA - Wednesday, June 05, 2002 at 22:40:55 (EDT) 

I think this is the place We've been looking for,(my significant other, male, by the way)and myself! John Candy look out, here comes Liz and Tony, (minus all the kids and relatives)! We want it all, the cabin, the lake, the place to eat, the boat rentals, the fishing, the raccoons + the bald headed bear!!! Might be just a weekend or a month but this sounds like **This Is It**!!!!! Checking you out, reading the testimonies, will be calling!! If not too late for this summer, you can bet we'll be calling next Spring to get on board for June, Gosh I'm Soooooooooooo Stoked!! Liz Bryan!!!!
elizabeth bryan <>
santa rosa, ca USA - Friday, May 31, 2002 at 14:52:31 (EDT) 

We lived at Bass Lake for 12 years.............. is still a great place for a Vacation ...............!!
Rich & Patty Flemming <>
IA USA - Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 22:16:10 (EDT) 

I have been vacationing in Bass Lake for over 25 years and there is no other place like it
Gary Malette
Castaic, Ca USA - 
I ENVY all of you who live in such splendor and beauty and wish I could spend my retirement years in such a wonderful community.....someday!

Donna DeVoto <>
Tracy, CA USA - 

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