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Bald Eagles

Bass Lake has been home to 2 pairs of Bald Eagles for several years. One nest can be found accross the Lake from the Pines Resort. The other is easliy found on the North Shore accross from Millers Landing. The Eagle was undisturbed by the homes below and the boats cruising by. More to come.


Photos By Bill Brehm Jr.



These looks like Bald Eagles but are a pair of Osprey (above). They are easily seen from a turnout on the south side of road 274 between the Government Center and the turnout for the Pines Resort. Osprey have a black strip from the eye back where eagles have a white head without the strip. Thier bodies are smaller but they have a simular wingspan.


Eagles are not the only bird of prey in Bass Lake.
This Hawk was looking for his lunch.